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Liga De Justicia Abogados

• Accidentes

• Lesiones Personales

• Laborales

En Liga de Justicia, nuestros abogados se enfocan 100% en ayudar a las víctimas lesionadas a buscar

la máxima compensación y a continuar con sus vidas.



Creative Media Group is a full-service marketing agency that operates on a foundation of elevating your brand’s campaign strategy by means of laser-focused attention and activation alignment, yielding impactful and trackable results for our clients and partners.

With the multicultural segment at the epicenter, Creative Media Group prides itself in providing our clientele with top-notch and unique service. Our agency pillars are straightforward: quality brand alignment, top-notch customer service, and the providing of true value to our clientele. 


Que Es Latino Mixx?

Somos una radio dedicada a la creación y producción de ideas, nuestro objetivo es poder contextualizar las ideas de nuestros clientes de manera eficaz. 


Promovemos valores inclusivos y culturales, somos una voz empática del inmigrante que se encuentre en cualquier parte del mundo, valoramos las relaciones interpersonales e interculturales.

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Who are we?

Our organization will be locally driven and will service the entire family beginning with our youth. We have implemented an after school program this fall  in our office which will be led by our Executive Director Maidaya Maldonado. We are also providing Covid-19 Education and other educational programs in the community. As we continue to grow, it is our desire to offer coding classes to local students as well as citizenship classes for the adult community.


Naturally, we will continue our tradition of our signature events, particularly at holiday time. Our core objective is to assist those in need presently

as we help them adjust, prepare and focus for the future.

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